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Dear prospective students,

higher education is a "living" system that is constantly changing and getting updated in accordance with economic, technological and scientific development of society, as well as with cultural and other changes that are taking place at both regional and global level; therefore, in order to support that system we have established a higher education institution - College "Center for business Studies" in Kiseljak.

College "Center for Business Studies" in Kiseljak was founded in 2010, at the business address Rauševac 2, Kiseljak, and in April 2013 the name of this institution was changed, i.e. an abbreviation „CEPS“ was included into the title. Due to the increase in the number of students occurred the need to secure additional space as well as to increase the capacity of the institution's operations. So we have provided a new office building in the center of Kiseljak (Josip Ban Jelacic street) in which the college operates under the name College "CEPS – Center for Business Studies" in Kiseljak (hereinafter: the "CEPS" College).

By choosing the "CEPS" College you have made a good decision because you have chosen quality, you have chosen those who know, who have proven themselves, those who for many years through lifelong learning programmes in the "Group Center" have ensured that quality ladder in private higher education sector is raised to a remarkable level, to a level that is accessible only to those whose very own success is based on hard work and dedication.