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Published on 13.3.2020. u 10:38h

Representatives of the College “CEPS - Center for Business Studies” Kiseljak, Col. Lec. Mirzo Selimić and Col. Lec. Mirza Kulenović visited the partner institution Zagreb School of Business, Republic of Croatia.

One of the goals of the visit was to introduce the students and teaching staff of the partner university to the College “CEPS - Center for Business Studies” Kiseljak, thus raising the rating and recognition of our institution of higher education. Also, the representatives of the College “CEPS - Center for Business Studies” Kiseljak gave several presentations to both the teaching staff and the students of the partner institution. Col. Lec. Mirza Kulenović gave a lecture to students in the field of total quality management.

In this way, we strive to improve cooperation with the partner institution further and to continue positive application practice for European projects, with emphasis on student internships, ERASMUS + capacity-building projects, and participation in other EU funds.


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