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"The social and technical research"

ISSN 2303-8462
Index Copernicus

Journal of The social and technical research is indexed/abstracted in:
Index Copernicus International
CEEOL (Central and Eastern European Online Library).

The magazine provides an ideal opportunity for authors to articulate and present their scientific knowledge with the aim of extending the existing knowledge in these areas, and provides an opportunity for young authors who are starting their careers and want to acquire scientific and research recognition within the both domestic and the international scientific community.


Upon the establishment of the College "CEPS - Center for Business Studies" emerged the idea of launching a scientific journal which would be a result of the need for pointing out the important issues regarding technical and social sciences, primarily in the fields of transport, energy, safety at work and fire protection, economics, criminology - both in theory and practice.

Based on the decision of the Senate of the College "CEPS - Center for Business Studies" Kiseljak No. 511/15 od 04.05.2015 members of the editorial board were appointed as follows:
• College Lecturer Mirzo Selimić, editor in chief
• Prof. Zenaid Đelmo, PhD, member
• Dr. Vjekoslav Vuković, member
• AP Velibor Peulić, member
• AP Esad Mušanović, member
• AP Tomislav Stajčić, member
• College Lecturer Mirza Kulenović, member
• College Lecturer Nermin Palić, member
• College Lecturer Džemal Cinac, member
• Dajana Mrnjavac, MA, member.