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Dear prospective students,

higher education is a "living" system that is constantly changing and getting updated in accordance with economic, technological and scientific development of society, as well as with cultural and other changes that are taking place at both regional and global level; therefore, in order to support that system we have established a higher education institution - College "Center for business Studies" in Kiseljak.

College "Center for Business Studies" in Kiseljak was founded in 2010, at the business address Rauševac 2, Kiseljak, and in April 2013 the name of this institution was changed, i.e. an abbreviation „CEPS“ was included into the title. Due to the increase in the number of students occurred the need to secure additional space as well as to increase the capacity of the institution's operations. So we have provided a new office building in the center of Kiseljak (Josip Ban Jelacic street) in which the college operates under the name College "CEPS – Center for Business Studies" in Kiseljak (hereinafter: the "CEPS" College).

By choosing the "CEPS" College you have made a good decision because you have chosen quality, you have chosen those who know, who have proven themselves, those who for many years through lifelong learning programmes in the "Group Center" have ensured that quality ladder in private higher education sector is raised to a remarkable level, to a level that is accessible only to those whose very own success is based on hard work and dedication.

Acquire the knowledge that you will successfully use

By studying at CEPS you have the opportunity to explore and learn from top experts in the field of economy, transport, energetics, safety at work, fire protection and criminology. Our teachers, staff and experts share their knowledge with you, every day.

Technical requirements for learning in the classroom according to the standard of the group of five leading world universities

At CEPS you can educate yourself in traditional classroom - "face to face" contact with the teacher and other students. For classes projectors and modern tools are used to guide instruction. Classrooms are designed with the aim to provide an atmosphere for easier learning. We take care of the details.

You receive access to resources for career advancement

We do not just want to give you skills. Our goal is that you charge your new skills well. This is the only way to enjoy their use.

To help you do this, by education at CEPS you get access to our professional resources.

It would be a shame that its different and that someone with less knowledge and skills pass better than you, just because he's louder.

We believe that we ask ourselves the right questions

We have a question that we use for the selection of teachers, creating curricula, linking with the economy. That question is: "What we need to do in order to achieve the highest professional benefit by educating at CEPS?"

We noticed that this simple question eliminates many concerns, dilemmas. It affects the way of keeping the lectures and work with students, also. Therefore, the teaching staff at CEPS, besides a large experience in their fields, uses modern methods of teaching and work with students. We are aware that knowledge is difficult to acquire when learning isn't fun and exciting.

Or, if you look at curriculum, priority on the basis of which we determine the subjects that need to be overcome is that they must be for practical use.

All this would not be possible if we regularly do not ask, "What do we need to do to help participants achieve the maximum benefit from education at CEPS?"

Teachers, experts and consultants with real achievements in their fields, ready to share them with you

Among the lecturers there are PhDs, masters and specialists. The result is a proven and profitable experience which we share with you. If you look at the beginnings of the careers of many successful professionals, you will see that most often they had the privilege of working with people who are already successful in the same area. Take the opportunity to learn a lot from these people.


Today, every employer who holds up to his reputation from the candidate in the competition for the job, in addition to technical knowledge, demands also practical experience. On the other hand, that turns out to be the biggest problem for most people.

Many end up with no training days of practice. We thought of that. We want our students to be able to immediately after the acquisition of diploma at CEPS find a job, build a successful career and earn well. We insist on working in small groups, carrying out practical assignments, study visits to the leading public and private institutions etc.

How to acquire a diploma for high-paying jobs?

Each of the professional titles that come from College "CEPS - Centre for Business Studies" in Kiseljak (hereinafter referred to as CEPS) have been recognized at the global level, in Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro in particular.

Titles that you acquire have the same weight as if they were acquired on a strong higher educational institutions in Europe or America. From our experience, with a a degree from CEPS in hand you gain a recognized authority in the country. In addition to real skills you get, rank of your new vocation opens you the door of institutions that offer excellent paid jobs, high earnings.It's like that because CEPS is working at the highest level of partnerships with leading academic institutions and companies.

Two of the many reasons why we have this privilege are the quality of the projects that our teams perform and methodology "architecture of knowledge" that we use for teaching, which provide a high level of expertise of participants.

What does the possesion of diploma acquired at CEPS brings to you?

Acquisition of the official certificates says that you have a real, profitable skills and knowledge. In relation to colleagues who do not have this proof of their expertise, priority in employment or running their own business is great. At the same time, the skills that you get obtaining the title are very real. It's not in the paper, but in the fact that the acquisition of academic titles implies that you have a real capability that is highly profitable.

Diploma acquired at CEPS is sure proof of your knowledge

Diploma from CEPS is the official confirmation of your knowledge and internationally recognized document that lets you improve your position in the labor market, increases the chances for career advancement and also creates a basis for further training.

Diploma Supplement - all your skills in one place

With a degree acquired at CEPS, which you get after successfully completing the studies, you will receive a diploma supplement that details all the subjects that you have passed on CEPS. And if you want, with this addition, you can get the effect that you have made in each subject, expressed in percentage.

This important document represents a proof of knowledge and skills that you have acquired during studies and excellent qualifications for potential employers and that will point out to them everything you know to do.