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Published on 1.6.2017. u 18:57h

On the 25th and 26th of May 2017, students of the undergraduate study program Traffic of the “CEPS-Center for Business Studies” College, Kiseljak went on a professional educational study excursion within the framework of the program activities. In the program of the professional education the students had the opportunity to visit: 

  1. Port Authority Rijeka and the Rijeka Seaport
  2. Adriatic Gate Container Terminal in Rijeka Port
  3. Dr. Franjo Tuđman  Airport (New Terminal),
  4. ORYX Center for Safe Driving Zagreb,
  5. ORYX Assistance Zagreb,
  6. Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences Zagreb,
  7. The Vehicle Center of Croatia

... In the Rijeka Seaport, students learned about the mechanics and capacities of the seaport, where they had the opportunity to attend an expert lecture given by the port captain and visit the control tower of the entire traffic management at the port of Rijeka. 

... After the Rijeka port, students visited the Container Terminal Adriatic Gate Container Terminal, which represents a separate Container Terminal Services Group Company from the Philippines within the Port Authority. The students visited the container terminal facilities and were introduced to the terminal organization and business. Along with the expert guidance, they visited the container terminal and had the opportunity to see a container reloading from a ship on AGCT, as well as the process of other container manipulation and storage. 

... The airport of Dr. Franjo Tuđman counts more than 2.7 million passengers annually. The students were able to visit the complete new passenger terminal for handling passengers, luggage management, airport maintenance facilities, airport traffic control and airport fleet-landing facilities. 

... The ORYX Center for safe driving is the first and only center in Croatia with top equipment specialized in safe driving in special modules in which subjects practice various driving techniques. College “CEPS-Center for Business Studies” Kiseljak rented four vehicles for a half-day safe driving training where every student performed the training and tested their driving, psychophysical and psychomotor skills. After a safe driving session, students visited ORYX Assistance where they got familiar with the company's equipment, jobs, tasks and the challenges of a working day in ORYX Assistance from beginning to the end.

... The students also visited the           Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences of the Zagreb University, where they were welcomed and hosted by the Vice Dean for the International Cooperation. The students attended lectures about the faculty, guidelines for the development of the Faculty and guidelines for the realization of international cooperation between the two higher education institutions in terms of the mobility of students. 

... The Students visited The Vehicle Center of Croatia (CVH), an expert organization, that has been in charge of vehicle technical inspection since 1972. All stations for vehicle technical examination are part of the uniform vehicle technical examination system run by CVH.  The students had the opportunity to attend lectures about The Vehicle Center of Croatia, visit the company's capacities and get acquainted with the jobs that the company carries out as well as conduct exertion tests on passenger vehicles within the STP.


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