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Published on 26.7.2019. u 14:35h

Four students from the college “CEPS – Center for Business Studies” Kiseljak, Nikolina Tomičić, Ajdin Huskanović, Adnan Srabović, and Edin Hadžić, have attended the student exchange program in Spain, at our partner institution IES Ribeira do Louro. The students have spent three months in Spain. This is their experience:
“We have signed up for the Erasmus+ project in Spain for three months. We all met each other in Dubrovnik, from where we flew to Vigo with a connection in Barcelona. Our accommodation was in a town called Porriño, near Vigo in the Galicia region.
We took classes at the institution IES Ribeira do Louro. On our first day, we were introduced to the schedule, professors and other students, with whom we were to spend a whole semester. Besides us, this exchange was also attended by students from Albania. All the lectures were in English. The institution also organized a course in Spanish in order for us to blend in as soon as possible. This served us well because, in the town we were in, almost no-one spoke English.
At the start, the only problem we faced was exactly the language barrier. It was a challenge going to a bank, a shop or a restaurant as we did not know how to explain what we wanted. After some time though, we overcame these obstacles. Three months perhaps does not seem like a long time, but it was enough for us to learn many new things. We got to meet the Spanish culture and customs and tried their traditional specialties. We visited the nearby towns, as well as Portugal. We enjoyed nightlife and we also enjoyed ourselves at the beach.
The lectures were not too hard or demanding, so we managed to do it all. We improved our skills in a foreign language and acquired new skills such as adapting to a new environment, quick problem solving, independently planning ahead the time as well as teamwork. We have all become much more tolerant.
Thanks to the Erasmus+ project we had a chance to see all this, and essentially live and take classes for free. All our expenses were covered by the European Union. We return home with wonderful memories, new bits of knowledge and friendships. All the recommendations for the students to follow!”


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