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Published on 30.6.2021. u 20:14h

On June 18, 2021, the 8th Annual Assembly of the CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE Network was held in Šibenik, of which our higher education institution is a member. The assembly was attended by Col. Lec. Nermin Palić, head of the study program Traffic Engineering. Within the assembly, a round table was held on measures of sustainable urban mobility in tourist destinations.

The Assembly was held in the morning part of the program, at which the work plan of the network in 2020 and 2021, amendments to the Statute, and the Political Declaration of the network for 2021 were adopted, alongside the financing in the next period, in which large funds are planned for traffic. The representative of the General Directorate for Mobility and Transport of the European Union, Maja Bakran, got online and presented the new European Strategy for Sustainable and Smart Mobility.

Later on, we heard about interesting examples of good practice of network members from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The program ended with a panel discussion “Smart mobility in tourist destinations to achieve sustainable urban mobility measures.” In the end, seasonality was highlighted as one of the biggest problems.


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