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Published on 23.6.2021. u 20:20h

A conference for the study programs Business Economics and Security Studies (Criminalistics) was held at the University College “CEPS - Center for Business Studies” as part of the Student Conference “I want to know more!” The themes of the conferences that the students covered were “Entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Theoretical and practical aspects of entrepreneurship and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic” and “Securing the crime scene.”

As part of the student conference for the Security Studies (Criminalistics), a complex mechanism for detecting and clarifying all types of criminal offenses was presented in the professional investigation classroom. This mechanics covers various rules on timely and adequate securing of the crime scene and on procedures for finding, securing, and preserving traces and objects related to a criminal event or criminal offense. At the student conference, the following topics were discussed and presented: securing the crime scene, the concept and significance of the investigation; its methods and stages, as well as finding and securing clues. Based on the presented topics, we came to conclusions and guidelines that should provide the so-called “chain of proof.” The student conference aimed to acquaint participants and attendees with guidelines for avoiding or reducing the possibility of destroying, creating or contaminating existing material, primarily indicative evidence and the so-called “real” evidence at the crime scene.

Regarding the student conference for the study program Business Economics, presentations of relevant scientific achievements in the area, interactive discussions, and other forms of interpersonal exchange of experiences were combined. The goal of the student conference was to gather students and teachers in the field of business economics to popularize entrepreneurship, as one of the basic generators of the development of any economy. The conclusions pointed out that entrepreneurship is fundamentally related to the personality of the entrepreneur and that its crucial characteristics are courage, innovation, perseverance, ability to work with people and properly assess human potential, ability to understand the environment, and monitor change. In today's concept of mature entrepreneurship, the class of managers stands out who, instead of owning capital, take a leading role in the entrepreneurial sphere. A reactive business strategy prevails in BiH at almost all levels, there is little innovation and existing, tried and tested entrepreneurial concepts are used. Also, in BiH, the great influence of the political environment on the development of entrepreneurship is evident. The pandemic has even further slowed down the already slow economic trends in BiH, and the period after the pandemic can be fertile ground for the “healthy” part of the entrepreneurial milieu to remain on the surface, and the unstable and unsustainable to be restructured or disappear from the market.


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