Call for Erasmus+ KA107 Student Mobility for Study 2021/2022 at the Universidad de León (Spain)

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Published on 30.11.2021. u 08:58h

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ program (Key Action 107) the Universidad de León has been the beneficiary of a grant destined to finance mobility stays during the 2021/2022 academic year. Under the 2019-1-ES01-KA107-063766 project and in partnership with the University College “CEPS – Centre for Business Studies” (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the Vice Rectorate for Internationalisation of the Universidad de León offers 2 grants for students from University College CEPS to study at the Universidad de León.


  • Applicants must be official degree students at University College “CEPS – Centre for Business Studies”;
  • Applicants must be at least in their second year of higher education studies;
  • Applicants must be students from the study program Information technologies;
  • High motivation and excellent academic performance are required;
  • Students that have been beneficiaries of an Erasmus+ grant previously, must not exceed the 12 month scholarship period limit for undergraduate studies;
  • Knowledge of Spanish / English at level B1 is essential;
  • Mobility must be completed before end of July 2022;
  • Beneficiaries will need to take an accident and emergency insurance that covers the duration of their mobility, we require the Oncampus insurance for their extensive coverage:


Financial support

Each grant will be financed as follows:

  • Individual support: 850 € per month.
  • Travel expenses:275 €.



The period of stay comprises a minimum of 3 months and up to a maximum of 5 months.



Interested students can apply by e-mail:, which should include the following information:

- Name and surname of the student;

- Index number;

- Study program of studies;

- Year of study;

- Previous experience in Erasmus + projects;

- Cover letter;


Application deadline

13.12.2021. godine


Valorisation scale and selection criteria

The selection will be based on the following criteria:

  1. 1.       Average grade of the previous courses: up to 30 points.

-          If the average grade is from 2,00 – 2,99 – 10 points

-          If the average grade is from 3,00 – 3,99 – 20 points

-          If the average grade is from 4,00 – 5,00 – 30 points

  1. 2.       Average grade of the foreign language module in the event that you study the language that will be yours working in the reception centre: up 25 points.

-          If the average grade is from 2,00 – 2,99 – 15 points

-          If the average grade is from 3,00 – 3,99 – 20 points

-          If the average grade is from 4,00 – 5,00 – 25 points

  1. 3.       Assessment of the student's attitude to develop the stay by part of the team of teachers: up to 15 points

-          Interview

  1. 4.       Motivation to carry out the mobility based on a letter of Motivation presented: up to 20 points

-          Motivational letter

  1. 5.       Preference to students with special needs or difficulties, both physical or intellectual, as well as social: up to 10 points

-          If the student has special needs or difficulties – 10 points

-          If the student does not have special needs or difficulties – 0 points

Selection and adjudication

The Selection Committee for the adjudication of the mobilities will be formed by:

The selection committee for deciding on mobilities will consist of:

1. Pred. VŠ Nermin Palić, Referent in the International Relations and Career Development Office

2. Pred. Mirzo Selimić, Director

3. Pred. VŠ Samir Ščetić, Head of Information technology department


For more information contact:



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