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Published on 30.5.2022. u 10:41h

Based on the obtained ERASMUS + project with the institution of the Academy of Applied Studies Belgrade, professor of the University College "CEPS-Center for Business Studies" Kiseljak, Miliša Todorović was in Belgrade on the teaching mobility during the period from 23.05.2022 till 27.05.2022.

On the first day of the visit, an introduction was organized to the facility where the teaching process takes place, as well as to the curriculum of the Academy of Applied Studies. Professor Todorović also used the opportunity to present the curriculum of the higher education institution CEPS. Through a parallel analysis of both programs, the potential directions in which both educational institutions should work in the process of converging curricula in accordance with market needs were identified. It was jointly stated that this type of cooperation contributes to increasing knowledge and experience in the implementation of solutions that should increase the quality of teaching processes. The intention and will to work on creating preconditions for the continuation of joint cooperation in the next period of time, while reviewing the possibility of exchange of students and teachers, have been confirmed.

During the further stay, the realization of teaching activities with students has begun. All planned lectures were held in a defined period of time. In addition to students, the lectures were attended by a large number of teaching staff of the Academy, which is a confirmation of the desire for joint cooperation and exchange of experiences. At the end of each lecture, a discussion was opened, with colleagues and students, on the topics covered during the lecture. At the end of the lectures, the most active students were presented with three books by Professor Todorović, entitled "The role of the human factor in the safety and protection system."


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