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Published on 23.7.2022. u 13:32h

Within the implementation of the ERASMUS + project, Lecturers from the University College “CEPS-Center for Business Studies“ Kiseljak, Džemal Cinac, Dario Marušić,  Semir Oglečevac and Suzana Plejić, visited the institution "Bilgi University " in Istanbul, Türkiye, in the period from 17. 07. 2022. – 23. 07. 2022.

They participated in various activities, which included, among other things, several meetings, wich were held within the professors of the host institution, all for the purpose of better and more successful future cooperation. One of the goals of the mobility was to develop opportunities for further teaching and student international Erasmus + exchanges. Also, visiting professors presented the University College "CEPS - Center for Business Studies" at the partner institution "Bilgi University“.


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