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Published on 29.6.2024. u 11:35h

From June 3rd to 7th, 2024, the University College "CEPS-Center for Business Studies" in Kiseljak hosted the 1st International Staff Week. This event brought together teaching and administrative staff from higher education institutions in Spain, Poland, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, who arrived at the CEPS through ERASMUS+ mobility. The theme of the event was "We Want to Be a Sustainable Smart University."

On the first day, participants presented their institutions and shared best practices. The introductory lecture about CEPS Kiseljak was given by lecturer Stjepan Stanić, while Professor Nermin Palić, head of international cooperation, introduced the attendees to the work of the HUB for Sustainability and Climate Change and CEPS's international cooperation efforts.

The second day featured lectures and interactive workshops. Lecturer Samir Ščetić, head of the Information Technology program, gave a lecture on smart universities. Professor Nermin Palić in his presentation spoke about sustainability in higher education, after which he conducted workshops on "Integrating Sustainability into Teaching Practices" and "Developing Green Lesson Plan and Learning Outcomes", in which all attendees participated.

On the third day, participants were introduced to the EU projects 1FUTURE and GROWTH, in which CEPS Kiseljak is a partner, along with their achievements. The participants then visited Sarajevski kiseljak d.o.o., a leading producer of natural mineral waters and refreshing beverages in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to observe their business operations and sustainable practices.

The last two days were dedicated to the International Summer School organized by CEPS.

Overall, the 1st International Staff Week at CEPS Kiseljak was a significant event that fostered collaboration, shared knowledge, and promoted sustainability practices in higher education. Participants expressed particular satisfaction, and one of the colleagues from Spain we quote in full below:

"I am very grateful to the CEPS Kiseljak for their warm and attentive welcome. The opportunity to participate in the activities organized by the University College, both those related to sustainability and the concept of a Smart University, as well as the activities carried out on Environment Day, have been truly interesting and beneficial. We were able to see that CEPS has facilities in very good condition, as well as a very well-organized professional team. I would emphasize, once again, the completely open and hospitable attitude of the Head of the International Relations and Career Development Office, Dr.sc. Nermin Palić, and his entire team of collaborators. Likewise, I would highlight having had the opportunity to discover a truly beautiful country with a capital, Sarajevo, that is charming and full of enchantment, and people who are genuinely hospitable. Without a doubt, Bosnia is a country with great future prospects." - stated Professor Jose Segovia Valiante from the higher education institution IES Gregorio Prieto.


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