College CEPS

The idea for the establishment of the "CEPS Centre for Business Studies" College Kiseljak was primarily born in order to satisfy the need for producing highly educated professionals who will successfully respond to modern business challenges, as well as with the aim of raising the quality of higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our long-term set mission is that we, with a lot of effort, dedication, and knowledge from both sides – our staff and our students – achieve our goal: best students and best higher education institution that this country has.

Our expectation scale is raised high; it is the scale of dignity and justice, which will defend the knowledge and excellence of each of our students.

"CEPS - Center for Business Studies" College in Kiseljak has received approval for activity of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Central Bosnia Canton / CBC in the academic year 2010-2011, no: 03-38-25/10-6.

"CEPS - Center for Business Studies" College in Kiseljak was entered in the Register of the Municipal Court in Travnik, the Decision No.: 051-0-Reg-10-000442 of 08.09.2010, MBS: 51-05-0079-10.

College "Center for Business Studies" in Kiseljak, Josipa bana Jelačića bb, 71250 Kiseljak · 2021.