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Published on 10.7.2024. u 12:28h

During May 2024, the University College "CEPS-Center for Business Studies" Kiseljak successfully implemented six outgoing staff mobilities with partner institutions from Spain through the Erasmus+ program. As stated in the Erasmus Charter, CEPS continuously works on improving the sustainable development of the institution and establishing sustainable practices. To acquire new knowledge and competencies, the logical step for the Office for International Cooperation and Career Development was to enable CEPS staff to go on mobility to Valencia, the European Green Capital for 2024. This was an excellent opportunity for staff to familiarize themselves with the practices and innovations in sustainable development applied in Valencia.

From May 6th to May 10th, 2024, the head of the study program, Prof. VŠ Nermin Palić, visited the higher education institution CIPFP Luís Suñer Sanchis in Alzira, Valencia, where he learned about best practices that can be applied to renewable energy and e-mobility. Additionally, he familiarized himself with available mobility options (walking, cycling, and mass transport systems) that align with green agendas and sustainable development. During the visit, the next steps were agreed upon in the preparation of a capacity-building project application for the January 2025 call.

In the week of May 13th to May 17th, 2024, Pred. VŠ Ana Barbić visited our long-time partner, the University of Seville, as part of the International Staff Week. After presenting CEPS to all participants, she attended several round tables on mobility and the creation of international projects, as well as workshops on administrative management, academic, and research cooperation. The participants were given a tour of the Polytechnic and Health faculties, and during the visit, they explored many of Seville's landmarks, a city rich in history. Colleague Ana met with a great friend of CEPS, Carlos Javier Ordono Rodriguez, who played a significant role in connecting and developing the relationship between these two higher education institutions.

From May 20th to May 24th, 2024, CEPS teaching staff participated in the Erasmus+ INTERCON project and attended the International Staff Week organized by the higher education institution IES ABASTOS in Valencia. Prof. VŠ Kenan Dželilović, Pred. VŠ Dario Marušić, and Pred. VŠ Semir Oglečevac had the opportunity to attend lectures on dual education and the functioning of the Spanish education system. Professor Dželilović briefly introduced CEPS to the attendees. Besides our teaching staff, representatives from higher education institutions from Montenegro and Albania also participated in this event. The teachers also had the opportunity to visit Cullera Castle and other cultural and historical sites as part of the program.

The month of visits to Spain through Erasmus+ projects concluded with Pred. VŠ Bakir Čičak, who attended another International Staff Week organized by the higher education institution CIPFP Valle de Elda, near Alicante (province of Valencia), from May 27th to May 31st, 2024. During the visit, participants shared their Erasmus+ experiences and held meetings with students and staff to enhance cooperation and encourage students to participate in mobility programs. Additionally, participants visited a large number of companies and institutions such as fire departments, healthcare facilities, and others. Representatives from higher education institutions from Spain, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tunisia, Portugal, Italy, Montenegro, and Albania attended this event, providing an excellent opportunity for expanding the network of contacts.

Upon their return, CEPS staff had the opportunity to transfer the acquired knowledge and experiences to their institution. Workshops and seminars were organized, such as connecting solar panels for household needs and charging e-bikes, during which best practices in the field of sustainable development were shared. These activities had a significant impact on improving existing programs and implementing new initiatives within CEPS.

One of the key benefits of these mobilities was the contribution to the development of the Climate Change Action Plan at the institutional level within the 1FUTURE project, which includes concrete goals and measures to reduce CEPS's ecological footprint. The acquired knowledge was also used to create a Policy Brief Towards Green University within the GROWTH project.


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