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Published on 6.1.2023. u 10:53h

Dear Teachers, 

Based on the obtained ERASMUS + project with a consortium of institutions from Spain, we are announcing a call for teachers for applying for international exchange.

We have enabled teachers to go to Spain, to one of the consortium institutions. 

We allowed teachers to go to the exchange for a period of 7 days (5 days of activity + 2 days for travel). The teachers are going for the purpose of participating in the International Staff Week (mobility training). 

Teachers will be ranked based on the following criteria:

- Years of work experience at a higher education institution

- Good knowledge of working language of mobility (minimum A2)

- Experience in international mobility projects

- Experience in the development of educational projects related to cooperation, education methodologies or the development of cooperation between higher education institutions and industry

- Collaboration in student mobility projects

- Other objective criteria that a higher education institution may decide on depending on the characteristics of mobility

- Persons with certain disabilities


The application deadline is: 20.1.2023.


Number of places is limited.


All additional information can be obtained by e-mail: or telephone number: 030/870-870 and on this link

Kind regards.


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