Information technology

Study program: Information Technology, with the study direction: Information systems and technology has the fundamental objective of quality education of students who will be able to successfully work on planning, design, construction and maintenance of information systems in the private and public sectors.

The level of knowledge and understanding that the student acquires is sufficient to enable professional engineering work and solving medium-complex problems in practice. Through the general knowledge of information systems and technology, the student is able to make software support, solution implementation and effective use of computers at the level of the operating system and office applications and to design databases.

The need for the indicated profile of staff is evident from the comparative analysis of the current situation of the number and quality of staff working on similar tasks in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the developed countries that can serve as an example. The fact that the European Union currently lacks about 400,000 IT professionals illustrates the justification for the establishment of this study at the regional level.

Information technology

The curriculum connects systematic approach and methods with basic engineering skills in the domain of information technology. Technology is being taken in the broad sense to include integrally observing of technical solutions. Understanding and modeling of the organizational process and the necessary IT support provides the basis for a successful business and activity.

Training during the three-year / four-year study of information technology gives students practical knowledge required to fit in with the greatest possible efficiency into the working environment at their workplaces. Study program Information Technology is organized for full time and part-time students.

Expertise is the foundation for the development and application of information technology. Expertise combines action of the mind and work of the hands. Expertise in ICT sector is successful only if it's innovative and creative. It is the basis of security both for the students and lecturers.

Acquired title after graduation

• Bakalaureat/ Bachelor – Engineer of Information Systems and Technology – 180 ECTS

• Bakalaureat/ Bachelor – Engineer of Information Systems and Technology – 240 ECTS

Professional titles will be harmonized with the Law on Professional Titles after its enactment.

College "Center for Business Studies" in Kiseljak, Josipa bana Jelačića bb, 71250 Kiseljak · 2021.