Knowledge Hub for Climate and Sustainability (KHCS)


To foster a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers, faculty, students, and stakeholders from the local community to collectively address complex sustainability and climate change challenges through research, education, and engagement initiatives.


To become the leading regional center of excellence, where diverse stakeholders converge to collaboratively innovate, develop, and implement holistic solutions that promote resilience, sustainability, and climate adaptation, contributing to a prosperous and sustainable future for our communities and the planet.


1. Facilitate interdisciplinary research projects: Foster collaboration between researchers, faculty, and students from various disciplines to address complex sustainability and climate change challenges.

2. Establish partnerships and networks: Forge partnerships with local and international institutions, organizations, and experts to promote interdisciplinary collaboration, knowledge sharing, and capacity building.

3. Offer interdisciplinary educational programs: Provide seminars, workshops, and training opportunities for students, researchers, and community members to enhance their understanding of sustainability and climate change issues.

4. Cultivate a culture of sustainability: Integrate sustainability principles into curricula, operations, and daily practices at the higher education institution, fostering a campus-wide commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

College "Center for Business Studies" in Kiseljak, Josipa bana Jelačića bb, 71250 Kiseljak · 2021.