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Published on 16.12.2023. u 12:33h

On December 14, 2023, a workshop for teachers titled "Improvement of Quality and Teaching Methods in Higher Education: Experiences and Examples of Good Practices from the University College „CEPS-Center for Business Studies Kiseljak“" was held. The workshop was led by Dr. Nermin Palić, QA Manager, and Head of the Office for International Cooperation and Career Development at the CEPS-Center for Business Studies Kiseljak. Teaching staff from the CEPS Kiseljak also attended the workshop, which was organized by the Zagreb School of Business (Republic of Croatia). This event was conducted via the ZOOM platform.

During the workshop, constructive discussions and interactive dialogues were held, providing participants with the opportunity to exchange practical examples, experiences, and ideas for enhancing teaching methods. The emphasis was on implementing new practices in the educational process and adjusting the curriculum to meet students' demands and needs. Through active participation, we concluded that continuous improvement of teaching methods, adaptation to new trends in education, and fostering further exchange of knowledge and experiences among higher education institutions are of paramount importance.


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