Business Economy

The profile of staff that will be trained within the Business Economics study programme must be different from the profile of classical economists.

That profile must be business-management oriented with modern technological knowledge and operational skills and intercultural characteristics that can be acquired only at a modern higher institution such as the “CEPS – Center for Business Studies“ College in Kiseljak.

Basically, the new paradigm of management, accounting and finance, public sector management and administration should be brought into the focus. Business Economics study programme is to be understood as "learning about an integrated management within the organizations."

The starting point for determining the needs of the economics students is a rather radically changed approach to understanding the economy and economic values. This primarily means focusing on healthy socio-economic systems, which operate on the basis of knowledge and the educated employees, interactively connected with financially successful products and services consumers. This also implies that the companies are located as members of the global and the local communities and they operate in large organizational networks and systems. Their business activities are technologically intensive and require skilled workers who are educated within the finest academic institutions.

By educating and training of personnel of this profile “CEPS – Center for Business Studies“ College in Kiseljak has the ambition to contribute to the dynamics of the economic life of the region, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the wider area and to adopt necessary knowledge in all areas of business economics, which are an essential need of all business people.

Finance and Accounting

After the completion of this study course, economists of accounting and financial profile will be able to independently manage the business records of small businesses and non-profit organizations. Likewise, they will be able to be in charge of technical tasks within the medium- and large-sized accounting and financial enterprises, as well as to perform organizational functions regarding the accounting and financial issues within various companies, banks and insurance companies.

Graduates of accounting and financial profile will be trained to perform tasks in the field of financial management, financial accounting and reporting, controlling, management accounting, business planning and auditing.


Graduates of the study course „Management“ are students trained for work and professional development within the activities regarding research, planning and designing a business organization and its parts, management at all organizational levels, human resources management, production management, project management, rewarding management, consultancy in the field of organization, management and re-engineering, change management and crisis management, as well as research and development activities within scientific and educational institutions.

Public Sector Management and Administration

Graduates of the study course Public Sector Management and Administration are to manage the complexity of a large number of functions of public administration and optimization of financial flows within the administration system. The realm of activities and assignments within this study course includes following a large number of citizens and other clients that are provided with services and whose requests are to be resolved, controlling the effects of management functions at multiple levels, planning future projects, as well as actions and activities that involve the entirely multidimensional interaction (budget planning, liabilities and receivables, environmental protection plan, zoning, building infrastructure systems, etc.).

College "Center for Business Studies" in Kiseljak, Josipa bana Jelačića bb, 71250 Kiseljak · 2021.