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Published on 27.1.2023. u 21:10h

In the winter semester, four students from the partner institution "CIPFP Valle de Elda" from Spain were on a student exchange at the University College "CEPS-Center for Business Studies" in Kiseljak. Students attended classes in 6 subjects that they chose according to the ECTS Catalog of CEPS. In the following, we present their experiences in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

„During our stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the winter semester, besides studying at CEPS, we had the pleasure to experience the Bosnian culture and had plenty of time to understand their incredible and gentle people's point of view of life and towards international communities. Even though it wasn’t our country, we felt as if we were at home because of the great cohesion we had with the university CEPS teachers. We met people from many different countries, attended local parties, and trips, and explored the breathtaking nature of the country. We had been able to acquire cooking skills, especially the Bosnian most traditional dishes. Furthermore, we found ourselves more conscious about dealing with other people in several situations because for most of us, it was the first Erasmus trip. Also, we found it really enjoyable and easy to learn the concepts chosen by our teachers in the international trade area.

We also were able to organize our schedules and had the opportunity of going on several trips, which are represented by the following photographs. The first photograph is the famous bridge of one of the most tourist cities Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besides Mostar, we had the opportunity to visit tunnel Ravne of Visoko Town. In this place, with our classmate Benjamin, we also visited the Pyramids and several mosques. During one weekend we made a trip to Serbia and visited Belgrade. The landscape behind us in the photo is from the proximity of the Danube River.

Our last recommendation to our fellow students is to definitely take this opportunity to study abroad because it was an amazing experience for us, where you can develop to become a more mature person and try different things that you might not do at home. Finally, we congratulate all the holders of this activity because we felt safe and protected all the time during our entire stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina.“

We would like to thank the students from Spain for their trust and choice of our higher education institution, and we wish them all the best in the future.


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