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Published on 4.4.2023. u 15:40h

In the period from 29.03-30.03.2023, the kick-off meeting of the consortium was held on the project ERASMUS+ Capacity building in the field of higher education Strand 1 ERASMUS-EDU-2022-CBHE-STRAND-1, called Greening Relevance in Operations in Western - Balkans Tertiary - Education Habitats (GROWTH).

The coordinator of the project is the University of Bijeljina, while the other partners of the project are the University College "CEPS - Center for Business Studies" Kiseljak, the University of Herzegovina, the University of Adriatic Bar, the Socio-Economic Institute of Montenegro, the Academy of Educational Medical Vocational Studies, Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf and Slovenska University of Economics in Nitra. It is a project that brings together 8 partners from the EU and the Western Balkans, where the key locations of the intervention are the four targeted higher education institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

GROWTH unites overall efforts towards climate neutrality by addressing the issue of environmental awareness and green transition in the Western Balkans. The interventions aim to raise environmental awareness among higher education stakeholders by introducing the concept of green universities and green educational methodologies and practices. The results of the project will benefit students, teaching and non-teaching staff, management, state institutions, local self-government institutions and the media by presenting them with environmentally friendly alternatives, raising awareness of the dangers of climate change, and empowering them to act and significantly contribute to a green and bright future by putting together their own parts of environmental efforts into a mosaic of climate neutrality.

Doc.dr. Mirzo Selimić, director of University College CEPS Kiseljak, and Ph.D. Nermin Palić, head of international cooperation office and head of the traffic study program attended the initial two-day meeting of the project. Each partner presented the country and institution/organization they come from, followed by an overview of the activities and planned intellectual outputs (deliverables), the plan and ways of achieving them, and the agreed type and frequency of communication in the project.

University College "CEPS - Center for Business Studies" Kiseljak, in addition to participating in the activities of each individual output, will have the main task of coordinating the work package WP5 - COMMUNICATION AND EXPLOITATION. This work package comprises eight tasks devised with the intention of a) communicating project activities and interventions through joint cooperation and collaboration, b) disseminating  project  results  and  outcomes  to  project  beneficiaries  and  all  other  direct  and  indirect  stakeholders;  c)  exploiting  project  results,  i.e.,  using  them  for  further environmental  awareness  campaigns  or  to  develop  further  processes  and/or  products,  and  d)  securing  sustainability  of  project  results  and  outcomes. 


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