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Published on 17.4.2023. u 13:30h

After the Cooperation Agreement was signed at the beginning of February 2023 between the University College "CEPS-Center for Business Studies" Kiseljak and the company "Eastern Mining" d.o.o. from Vareš, on April 12, 2023 a working meeting between representatives of these two institutions was held in the premises of the University College CEPS.

Head of International Cooperation and Quality Manager, Ph.D. Nermin Palić in front of University College CEPS hosted Mr. Mirza Kovač, Coordinator for student programs and cooperation with higher education institutions from the Department of Human Resources and Mr. Mirza Zec, Occupational Safety Officer from the Department for Safety and Occupational Safety from the company "Eastern Mining" d.o.o.

The main topic of the meeting was student internships for students of the Occupational Safety and Fire Protection study program. By the way, the company "Eastern Mining" d.o.o. plans to organize a summer school in which the best students of higher education institutions from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina would participate. A set of activities was proposed that students would carry out in accordance with the curriculum of the of University College CEPS and the learning outcomes for the students of the Occupational Safety and Fire Protection study program. This will be an excellent opportunity for students to gain as much insight as possible into the practical role of their future profession in this branch of business.

At the end, a study visit to the company was proposed, tentatively planned for the last week of the summer semester.


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