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Published on 28.4.2023. u 10:56h

Various actions are aimed at drawing people's attention to the danger that threatens life on Earth due to the increase in global pollution, and in this way, they are trying to encourage them to contribute to the preservation of the environment. Many think that protecting the Earth is some monumental task that should be done by "superheroes". There are many things we can all do, because even small changes can have a big impact.

University College "CEPS-Center for Business Studies" Kiseljak is aware of the importance of preserving the environment and influences changing awareness of its students and staff regarding sustainable development and environmental protection. CEPS has membership in many international organizations and networks, such as Global waste cleaning network, ELTIS, CIVINET, etc. CEPS has implemented several projects in the field of renewable energy sources (installation of solar panels on the roof of buildings) and at this moment participate in projects based on sustainability and environmental protection. For this reason, the employees and students of the University College CEPS Kiseljak also contributed through certain activities on the occasion of Earth Day.

As part of the program, a flower planting campaign was carried out in front of the university building. Then a round table was organized on the topic "We can all do something to protect our planet", while the anthem of the planet Earth was played at the very beginning. On that occasion Prof. VŠ Hamza Šehović, head of the study program Energetics, held a lecture on the importance of applying sustainable energy to the preservation of the planet Earth. The professor emphasized the use of biogas and solar water heating in residential units.

After that, Dr. Sc. Nermin Palić, head of the Traffic/Transport Engineering study program, presented the importance of sustainable mobility for the environment. During his presentation, he explained the concept of 15-minute cities. It is a practice where, instead of using a car, residents can by walking or cycling in up to 15 minutes do all the most essential activities and satisfy their most important needs (e.g. going to kindergarten, school, college, health center, to the store, pharmacy, etc.).

With these initiatives, every inhabitant of planet Earth can make a change, and change starts with all of us.


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